Frontstore Chemical is simple a group of private individuals each assign to a specific task like, buying from manufacturers, looking for new customers, selling online, shipping, packaging etc. each of our group are assigned in specific task in different countries, we currently have our members in about 6 different locations in the world managing the section, providing local delivery and pickup for existing customers they trust, packaging, communicating, meeting etc. we mainly operate in US, CA, UK, AU since the supply demand in these areas are huge but our supply comes from more than the above mention location and have been safely delivered to our partners safely for the past years of operation.

                                               OUR COMMISSION BASED PARTNER

we have partners working with us on commission basis, such partners have limited access to information regarding us and in some case don’t even have to see our agents for instant we have partners in custom clearance locations on all the countries we operate in and those people work base on commission and only few of them actually are involved in the running on our operation, most of them are just one time trade partners for instant if the delivery is going to a location where we don’t frequently deliver there, we will just contact one of our partners in the same industry and he will connect with the local agents in the receiver’s country and at times will just ask instruct an agent in the branch to take the package out of others and make a secure delivery of the said packages. most of the time, commisions are not even required to give the agent involved since he/she has no clue of what he is to delivered.

we have worked for long focusing on both the our safety and that of our client, because if our clients are in trouble, we too are in trouble and as such, we are in the game together you cover my back and cover your back. we have been trading several killo grams of our products without ever having to involve guns etc, in fact we don’t even use such in trades, our clients as such have never tried to rop us without paying, we love long term trade rather than one time business.

Its hard to get a new client and when we do, we do our very best to keep the client with us, we always supply the best of our stock and we buy only the best qualities to ensure the good health of our client, our clients consume our products and are still in a healthy. but as you know, you will get high lol .

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at any given time, we are trying our best to provide 24/7 online support to our clients and we will do just that in few weeks time as we are looking forward to dedicate two of our staffs to this task.